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Mijn ontzag voor bluesicoon (en wat al niet meer) Otis Taylor is enorm. De stap naar Eddie Turner is dan natuurlijk snel gemaakt.

Een psychedelische bluestrip is misschien een benaderende omschrijving van wat Eddie Turner de liefhebbers in het toch wat te weinig gevulde Goorblues meegaf.

Een niet alledaagse bluesact, en ik vrees dat sommige bluespuristen er hun neus voor zullen ophalen, is toch wel deze uit Denver, Co afkomstige Eddie Turner.

Through the years Eddie has received rave reviews for his psychedelic guitar playing

Eddie Turner does not so much as play his instrument, (he studied piano as a youngster), as he coaxes it to glide over the notes and fill the air with an otherworldly mystic.

Stacy Jeffress for BluesWax: Your debut [Rise 2005] was nominated for a BMA for New Artist. What do nominations like that mean to you?

BW: Are you from another planet, Eddie?
ET: Not today.

Eyes half-closed, mouth open wide, head tilted backward with guitar held high, he gyrates to the apron of the stage in full-on beast mode, firing off Technicolor shards of piercing notes like clusters of heat-seeking missiles intent on absolute destruction.

Installé aux States et plongé dans la fournaise musicale de Chicago puis du Colorado, Eddie n’en a pas pour autant délaissé ses racines afro-cubaines (Review in French)

Eddie Turner’s brand of blues evokes an other-worldly feel; a dreamscape of fire and passion, pain and pleasure.

Once a guitarist with progressive blues man Otis Taylor, Eddie Turner has a unique and modern approach to the blues.

On November 19, 2010, one of my favorite performers Eddie Turner appeared at Biscuits & Blues.

Eddie Turner is very surprising from the corner with his third album “Miracles & Demons.”

Raramente di capita di recensire un album decidendo di indicare un suo brano come riassuntivo ed esplicativo dell’atiste e dello stile suonato ma dato che c’e sempre una prima volta questo e il caso.
(Review in Italian)

Cuban-born / Chicago-bred guitarist Eddie Turner combines elements of his background into blues that are further blended into R&B and jazz.

Taking his influences from Chicago Blues, jazz, R&B, rock and the Afro-Cuban rhythms of his heritage, Eddie Turner melds them all together to produce a sound that is original, refreshing and otherworldly.

Like coming from a contemporary blues shaman, full of magic, mystery and unexpected surprises, sounds the music included in this Eddie Turner’s new work.

Go to Northern Blues now and order a copy of Eddie Turner’s Miracles & Demons.

Both guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Turner and pianist/bass player and co-producer Kenny Passarelli played significant roles in the first Otis Taylor solo albums.

“Miracles & Demons” is classic Devil Boy.

Four years have elapsed since Eddie released the extremely fascinating and intriguing ‘Turner Diaries’ and I have to say that the wait certainly has been worth it

This album has excellence and class stamped all over it.

Northern Blues has been cranking lately!

Review in foreign language

Edie Turner was born in Chicago but came of musical age in denver in theh ’70s.

Peut-on mourir de moiteur?
(This review in French)

Self-styled ‘devilboy’ Eddie Turner dishes up a heady brew of spooked-up blues on the perfectly titled “Miracles and Demons”

Eddie Turner is a guitar symphony.

If you didn’t know beforehand that Eddie Turner’s discs are filed under blues, it might take a listen or two to realize that’s what you’re hearing.

Eddie Turner’s domain falls into a style that can easily cross over into contemporary blues.

So much Blues; so little time!

Eddie Turner has been playing the blues since the 70’s, including stints with Tracy Nelson, Mother Earth, the 4-nikators, and, most memorably, with the Otis Taylor Band. 

Hendrixesque blues rocker Eddie Turner, who started in the 90s as a member of Otis Taylor’s band, has released a third CD on Canada-based NorthernBlues Music.

Cuban-born, Chicago-bred singer/guitarist Turner is one of a handful of artists that succeeds in taking blues into this century with its roots alive and intact.

This is an astonishing CD!

Eddie Turner liet zijn fans redelijk lang wachten op zijn nieuwe album.

The singer-guitarist Eddie Turner was born in Cuba, and women in Chicago.

On Miracles & Demons blues guitar whiz Eddie Turner provides us with yet another amazing blues guitar recording!

You want cool, or you want smooth? As smooth as whisky then “Miracles & Demons” is a must for your collection.

Every now and then I receive an Album in the mail, that once I play it, I can only shake my head with astonishment on how simply wonderful it is and that was certainly the case after listening to Eddie Turner’s newest Album, “Miracles & Demons”.

Blues/r&b with an Afro-Cuban vibe as it spins out tales about love in all it’s forms.

The ‘conjures Devilboy’ miracles and demons. Long as he let his fans wait for this album. Just four years passed.

I’m also listening to an unusual new CD by an unusual singer-songwriter-guitarist named Eddie Turner, who seems to be half bluesman and half psychedelic throwback.

Uhuuu… koje iznenađenje, koja svirka, koji album. Ma, skoro svakodnevno dolaze albumi koji me svojim sadržajem bacaju u očaj.
(this review in Dutch)

Uhuuu … by surprise, the music, that album. Well, almost every album that made me come to their contents thrown into despair.
(Same review as above, translated into English)

Born in Cuba and raised in Chicago, guitarist Eddie Turner has developed a unique style that melds the layered, multi-rhythmic patterns of his homeland with the grit, funk, and “down-home” blues of the Windy City.

Stand vor einiger Zeit ein Ladies-Day im gut gefüllten Konzertkalender des Roepaen, so ging es nun um die Herren der Schöpfung.
(This review is written in Dutch)

I won’t lie, I was excited about this show. Ever since guesting on tenor with James Boraski & Momentary Evolution back in Yellowknife, I’ve loved playing — and listening to — the blues.

Upon my return home, a friend asked me to sum up the festival with three highlights to which I responded, “Eddie Turner, Eddie Turner, Eddie Turner!” 

Chick had a really good night this past Saturday with Eddie Devilboy Turner. Well, we all had a great time; so much so that in the middle of the first set, we had to close the doors. Sold out!

Nach Live At The Triple Door und Live At The New Orleans Rhede 2007 macht der amerikanische Gitarren-Zauberer mit vorliegendem Album den Dreier komplett.
(written in German)

Eine Herbst-Tour zu einer CD, die es noch nicht gibt, die dann auch noch den Titel “Miracles & Demons” haben wird.
(written in German)

So wird es richtig gemacht!
Konzert-Aufzeichnungen sichten und die qualitativ hochwertigen Sachen als Eigenproduktion unters Fan-Volk bringen. (written in German)

The former Otis Taylor sideman take the voodoo blues of Jimi Hendrix and uses his background and artistry to make them palpably real.

A few years ago, when Otis Taylor parted waith his lead guitarist, Eddie Turner, the disillusioned Turner’s first impulse was to go back to selling real estate. God – and Kenny Passarelli – had other plans for him.
Eddie Turner’s first CD, “Rise,” also on Northern Blues, brought him a Blues Award nomination for Best New Artist of 2005. With his latest, “The Turner Diaries,” Eddie appears on the threshold of blues stardom.

The last time Eddie Turner played Biscuits & Blues in San Francisco, he was backing up Otis Taylor and it was obvious that he was a star in the making at that time. He is now on his own and making a splash transforming the homogeneous elements of blues, jazz, gospel and psychedelic rock into a unique style. 

The spectre of Jimi Hendrix lives inside the body of Eddie Turner.
Eine Show der Superlative bot Eddie “Devil Boy” Turner mit seiner exquisiten Band im Reigen am 22. März 2007.
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There may be no more contradictory an artist on the blues scene today than Eddie Turner

Best Blues Disc -The Turner Diaries

Turner’s guitar speaks for itself. Turner plays with a deliberate style, reminiscent of Eddie Kravatz, but Turner’s riffs are far more intricate, far less redundant then Kravatz.

Devilboys “Bluesion”: Muddy Waters auf Acid

Bluesman Eddie Turner is a combination of Jimi Hendrix and David Wilcox.

Reviewing Eddie Turner’s debut solo release, Rise, from 2005, I quickly came up with the comparisons: Jimi Hendrix, Keb’ Mo’, Lenny Kravitz, and Vernon Reid (Living Colour)

Was hat sich seit seinem Erstling Rise getan?

After publishing a successful cd entitled “Rise”, Eddie Turner comes with his new work recorded for Northern Blues.

When Turner plays it’s almost as if he lets his mind travel to other places and, while there, he taps into a whole new level of expressionistic playing.

The sound of Eddie Turner captivated me from the first song, “Dangerous”.

Eddie Turner first rose to prominence on the scene as the final guitarist for Zephyr

His hands couldn’t be more right.

Wow!! This is my favorite Cd I’ve heard in 2006, a phenomenal recording that is equal parts blues and psychedelic rock.

Cuban born, Chi-town raised Eddie Turner is an innovative, fierce and scorching axeman on the scene.

This is Eddie “Devilboy” Turner’s second record, and while heavy on the psychedelic rock, it is well worth it.

If you’re seeking a guitar player that can channel the spirit of Jimi Hendrix then look no further than Eddie Turner.

It’s been a while since I reviewed Eddie’s last album, Rise, and it has been a wait with baited breath for this latest offering.

Eddie Turner made a lot of noise last year with his remarkable debut release, Rise, which was nominated for the 2006 Blues Music Award for Best New Artist Debut.

Further distancing himself from the shadow of ex-boss, Otis Taylor, Eddie Turner’s sophomore album continues down the same road as last year’s Rise.

Turner’s sophomore solo release, coming just a year after his first album, stays in the same groove as his well received 2005 offering.

Eddie Turner plays with the music of the devil with feeling, respect and a touch of personality. (CD review in Italian)

Intelligence. Dexterity. Sense of the note and of the arrangements. (CD review in French and English)

Until last year, guitarist Eddie Turner spent his career as a sideman, most recently with Otis Taylor.

Eddie Turner is running this band because there is a singular influence controlling each song except, maybe, the last one.

Guitar hotshot Turner was just what the festival needed when he started his afternoon set.

Equal parts rock, blues and funky soul…

Turner’s electric blues combine the intense rhythmic grooves of Otis Taylor, with whom he’s often played, with some of the most gut-wrenching guitar playing since Jimi Hendrix.

Eddie Turner has listened to a lot of Jimi Hendrix. Just listen to “Cost of Freedom” to understand what I mean.

It is not difficult to spot Turner’s guitar influences.

When Eddie Turner fires up his guitar, incredible things happen.

When it comes to a short look at the latest efforts from the two loudest men in blues, questions must be posed: how long can Eddie Turner remain under wraps? And…

Overall a refreshing CDd that leaves you wanting more by this artist.

Up until last year, Denver blues guitarist Eddie Turner spent his career as a sideman, most recently backing Boulder’s Otis Taylor.

If nothing else, you really have to respect Eddie Turner’s effort as a musician.

Let’s face it: There are very few innovators in music today — those who create a sound so novel it breeds a new genre or sub-genre.

Turner remains a scorching player, and his soloing on the likes of “Dangerous” will slacken jaws.

Cuban-born, Chicago-reared guitarist Eddie Turner takes chances artistically on his second solo CD, “The Turner Diaries.”

The second one from Mr. Turner since his former employer Otis Taylor left the fold, it continues to mine the deep vein created by Jimi Hendrix and builds on that solid foundation.

Eddie is a master of his craft and blends his influences with his own style, thus producing an innovative and exciting album.

The fiery guitar of blues/rock singer Eddie Turner never slows down.

Stephen Stills — of Crosby, Stills and Nash — says that Turner reminds him of his old friend Jimi Hendrix…

Well, here it is! Eddies’ finely tuned, hand prepared second album.

Get ready for a fabulous guitar CD from Eddie Turner. “The Turner Diaries” is killer.

Straight out of the fires of hell comes a smoking new blues recording from American guitarist Eddie ‘Devil Boy’ Turner.

Without a doubt Jimi Hendrix is one of the most influential Rock guitar “gods” of the modern era. Space doesn’t permit me to list all his obvious followers but Eddie Turner might have been the Jimi’s favorite disciples…

Turner’s debut album’s title track explodes with passion, intensity and fire. Suddenly, you are transfixed into another place and time.

Oh my Lord what a sound!

Eddie Turner from the outset of this disc shows he has a unique vision of the blues that’s hard to categorize.

The title track “Rise” opens this album and indeed summons you to the table of Eddie Turner who serves up some Blues ala Jimi Hendrix with a little on the side.

Blues Revue
Out from Otis Taylor’s shadow comes guitarist Eddie Turner with a statement of his own.

Living Blues
Most impressive are the originals…

Guitar Player magazine
My version of the blues is about going deep, and playing chord changes and solos that come from my spirit…

“It’s a landmark recording.”

If you ever wondered where mystical bluesman Otis Taylor gets much of his dark, brooking, mysterious textures, look no further than departed sideman/guitarist Eddie Turner.

If nothing else, you really have to respect Eddie Turner’s effort as a musician.

When I received my copy of Eddie Turner’s debut solo recording, Rise, my main interest in listening to the music was because of Turner’s association with one of my favorite “contemporary” blues artists, Otis Taylor.

From Otis Taylor’s band and most recent CDs, comes singer/songwriter/guitarist Eddie Turner. However, his hazy modernism couldn’t be further from Taylor’s dark folklore.

Eddie Turner’s debut for Northern Blues, Rise, captures one of America’s most talented blues guitarists, who has found a home on this Toronto-based blues label.

Looking for a blues guitarist in the tradition of Jimi Hendrix? Eddie Turner is probably a good bet!

Blues/rock singer/guitarist Eddie Turner makes his statements loud and clear.

Once upon a time – and it wasn’t all that long ago – the blues were both easy to define and instantly recognizable. In recent years, though, the form’s been pushed and pulled in directions the genre’s originators could never have imagined.

Cuban born and Chicago raised Turner has been influenced by his Cuban roots and the blues, rock and R&B that he heard in his youth. This all shows in his debut for Canadian label NorthernBlues. Turner played with Otis Taylor in 1995 and is generally credited with creating the Otis Taylor sound using his psychedelic guitar to great effect.

Best Blues CD

Eddie Turner

Blues aficionados from Colorado and beyond know Eddie Turner best for his contributions to many of Otis Taylor’s recordings. Yet as Rise demonstrates, he’s also a fine frontman, with an expressive voice and guitar skills that blast through genre boundaries as if they were nonexistent — which, in his mind, they are. The disc was produced by Kenny Passarelli, another longtime Taylor ally, and the sound on cuts such as “Resurrection” and a cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “The Wind Cries Mary” is stunning: deep, eerie and evocative.
Westword, Best of Denver Issue
westword.com | originally published: March 24, 2005

January 27, 2005
by Lori Anne Archer

Eddie Turner is Bon Jovi meets Gospel meets smooth jazz and he’s all business on his debut solo album Rise.

Throwing together a crazy mix of hardcore electric guitar and soulful lyrics, Turner’s music takes you on a musical ride that’s hard to forget. Influenced by a vast number of artists in a wide variety of musical genres, Turner puts a whole new spin on bluegrass blues. From wild rock to gangsta’ RB, he’s got music for everyone in this incredibly outrageous combination of unlikely musical compliments.

Typical to blues bands, Turner and his crew deliver a playful song set where the rules of music do not apply. Swinging tunes, electric licks and extreme instrumental solos is Rise abridged.

Despite dubious vocal talent which comes as part of the Blues territory, Turner’s instrumentals are outstanding by any standard. A little unconventional, Turner’s tunes stand out, not by the bizarre mix of genres employed or the far-out sound of his songs, but for the refined talent of an old-time guitarist.

Exactly where in a music store Rise will be found is hard to say, but one thing’s for sure–Eddie “devil boy” Turner has some serious soul.

Eddie Turner
Northern Blues Music NBM0027

This guy’s fascinating in that he’s stepped straight into 2005 from 1967. This is psychedelia a la Jimi Hendrix. Not that it sounds like Hendrix; it just shares the same ideas of musical _expression. The title track is an acid blues, heavy on droning electric guitar, laid over a New Orleans parade second line percussion beat. That’s novel and cool. The fact that Turner covers the Hendrix classic, “The Wind
Cries Mary,” and sounds completely like Eddie Turner and nothing at all like Jimi Hendrix is a nice, subtle touch.

Acid blues at its best. Thank Eddie Turner and
Northern Blues for reminding us how good that can be.

Bob Putignano


At times Eddie sounds like a slightly bluesy reincarnation of Jimi Hendrix.
The first track Rise is what I can envision Jimi would be playing if he was still alive.
Eddie plays the guitar with such passion and intensity. At times it’s down to earth, and other times he seems to be floating in the heavens with the spirit of Hendrix.
This is one blues album which can be left on repeat for hours.
Reviewer: Michael Mardings
Reviewer’s Rating: 9

CD Reviews By MARK Wilson, Courier & Press staff writer January 27, 2005

Eddie Turner “Rise” (Northern Blues) Going back to the days when Muddy Waters was misled into recording a
“modern” album (the not-so-good “Electric Mud”), musicians have tried to update the blues, with often horrible results. Cuban-born, Chicago-raised Eddie Taylor is the real deal, a psychedelic blues guitar hero with real talent. Turner’s spacey, jazz-informed solos and crunchy blues-rock
foundations evoke guitarists as diverse as Jeff Beck, James Blood Ulmer, Vernon Reid and Tommy Bolin. Not to mention Jimi Hendrix. But grounded in the Afro-Cuban rhythms of his heritage, his sound is uniquely his own.
Turner’s career goes back to 1974, playing with a variety of critically acclaimed, if not universally recognized, rock and blues outfits. In 1995, he joined the band of fellow cutting- edge blues musician Otis Taylor and began racking up rave reviews for his playing. Now, for the first time on “Rise,” he is stepping out on his own as a songwriter and musician. The result is electrifying, with music that is often dense, occasionally jarring and never boring. It is amazing that Turner has stayed under the radar for so long with playing like this.

“BluzHarp”=Guide To The Best Of Blues Harmonica!

All Cd reviews are rated 1 to 7 Harps!
by Steve”Big Daddy BluzHarp”Harvell

Let me tell ya something my little bluz chillins,this was the first time that I had the honor of listening to Eddie Turner and I am as blown away as the first time I heard Jimmy Hendrix or Cream back in the 60s when I was a teenager. Most of the songs on this cd are originals by Eddie but the covers are done so tastefully and better in some ways, even the Hendrix stuff (“The Wind Cries Mary” and “Gangster of Love”) is so off the chart that I have no words to do it justice.

“Rise” is Eddie’s first sole cd effort and it is one of the best blues/rock cds that I HAVE EVER LISTENED TO! Eddie, in my mind’s ear, is one of the most provacative-pioneering guitar players on the scene today. I instantly give Eddie a seven Harp Salute for his new cd “Rise” and my newly appointed “I Met The Devil At The Crossroads Award” for he plays like someone with supernatural powers not of this earth.

“With Rise, Eddie Turner drages the blues into the here-and-now, tangling soul-baring guitar playing with fresh beats and a world-weary voice. The result neither old nor too new, sounds almost effortless in its downbeat groove”
Matt Sebastian, Boulder Daily Camera

“If anybody ever went down to the Crossroads and let the Devil tune his guitar it was probably Eddie Turner. Man, you get chills every time the guy strikes a note! And the expressions he makes while he’s talking out each lick leave one convinced he’s channelling other-worldly ancestral demi-gods.”
Jeff Jaisun, BluesToDo.com