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Bluesman Eddie Turner is a combination of Jimi Hendrix and David Wilcox. If you love electric blues with stinging solos, scorching tone and bent-till-they’re-broke string pulls, this is your guy. I really liked Eddie’s big, distorted guitar sound. He’s totally confident that he can pull it off and doesn’t hesitate to drop a sizzling riff at the slightest provocation. Switching to acoustic slide guitar in the beginning of I’m a Man, I’m a Man, he captures that ’30s blues feel while adding a modern amped electric overtop. After all the Hendrix wannabes, Eddie Turner is the real deal. Competing with a legend is tough, but if this is who you are at your core, the comparison quickly fades and the audience begins to see you as artist rather than imitator.
Chris Brown

From: Uptownmag.com



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