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Eddie Turner The Turner Diaries

The second one from Mr. Turner since his former employer Otis Taylor left the fold, it continues to mine the deep vein created by Jimi Hendrix and builds on that solid foundation. Hendrix-isms abound: although all but one of the songs are originals, "Cost of Freedom" sounds an awful lot like Hendrix's "Freedom". Lyric references, to the `new rising sun', for example reinforce this further and that's not even mentioning the guitar playing. Turner is no simple copyist, however, and along with producer Kenny Passarelli, there is far more imagination applied here than to most CDs I hear. There are more references than simply to Hendrix, too. "I'm A Man, I'm A Man" is based on a simple acoustic slide guitar riff and quickly adds numerous instruments and vocal effects while the lyrics pay tribute to Muddy Waters, including a reference to `two trains running'. It got me to thinking that Electric Mud would have sounded like this had it been done right. "Shake 4 Me" has a Junior Kimbrough drone foundation but this Hill Country is not in Mississippi. The one cover is "Tore Down", one of Freddie King's most electric songs, so of course Turner goes acoustic with a guest vocalist, Anna Givens and friends contributing to a jam-like performance that's actually very good if not very representative of the rest of the album. "So Many Roads" is the same title as the famous Otis Rush song and I'm sure the reference is intentional as he deals with the same emotional territory in a new song. As with most of the NorthernBlues catalogue, this is blues with a difference - another album that repays repeated listening.

From: Toronto Blues Society




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