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Eddie Turner
The Turner Diaries

NorthernBlues NBM0036

"Some say the TRUTH is written in your hand - Some say HEAVEN is a far away land - I only know that which I can see - It’s no secret . . . It’s the Turner Diaries" - Eddie Turner

The sound of Eddie Turner captivated me from the first song, "Dangerous". His powerful rocking psychedelic blues style reminds me of Mr. Jimi Hendrix. His resonant vocals, accented by his sweet guitar rifts take me on a ride. Eddie Turner truly makes that guitar talk.
His descriptive imagery is so masterful. He takes you along with him as he "walks down that road of misery". From the uplifting, rock-out sound of "Cost of Freedom", to the down-home country blues style of "I’m a Man, I’m a Man", Eddie Turner does it all. The dynamic of this artist is just mind-blowing. He crosses all boundaries as he brings some of the most intense sound and powerful lyrics I’ve heard in years.
I am captivated by the diversity of styles and sounds on this CD. I really love this music! It inspires, incites and invites the listener to totally immerse themselves in this exciting arrangement of rock and blues.
You can check out more information on Eddie Turner at eddieturnermusic.com, where it states: ‘If anybody ever went down to the Crossroads and let the Devil tune his guitar it was probably Eddie Turner. Man, you get chills every time the guy strikes a note! And the expressions he makes while he's talking out each lick leave one convinced he's channeling other-worldly ancestral demi-gods.’

This CD is a must-have for all psychedelic blues lovers. It’s definitely one of the most original and innovative sounds I’ve had the opportunity to hear. It’s no wonder that Eddie Turner was nominated for the "2006 Blues Music Awards Best New Artist!" 4 STARS****

- Terry Ann Taylor -

Southwest Blues CD Review - February 2007






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