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Eddie Turner, The Turner Diaries
(Northern Blues)

The fiery guitar of blues/rock singer Eddie Turner never slows down. He just keeps on charging ahead at full force. With this program of eleven original songs and a Sonny Thompson classic, he pumps up the volume along with our emotions. The driving band that backs him up ensures that Turner's guitar and vocals punch through clearly. "Cost of Freedom" and "The Turner Diaries" protray the opposing forces that exist behind his performance. One calls upon a popular theme while the other digs deep into mystery. Both rely on a heay dose of blues/rock and sweating emotion for their impact, and both songs tell their story with genuine interest. Turner has a clear voice and uses every opportunity to communicate freely.

"I'm Tore Down" allows him plenty of room to turn it loose, boogie down, and shake things up. With this classic tune, Turner walsk a different path: One that allows tradition to step up and take hold. Several of his original songs also borrow from the tradition that Turner learned while growing up in Chicago. "I'm A Man, I'm A Man" recalls the spirit of Muddy Waters. "Save My Life" recalls the swirling musical forces of Cream, while "Shake 4 Me" recalls the electric blend that drove Fleetwood Mac. He's got his own voice, however, and continues to bring us hard-edged performances that rock the blues scene with guitar fire and convincing vocals.

- Jim Santella, Southland Blues Magazine




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