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The Turner Diaries

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The Turner Diaries
CD Review by Pat Benny

This is Eddie Turner’s newest recording for Northern Blues. Turner’s guitar speaks for itself. Turner plays with a deliberate style, reminiscent of Eddie Kravatz, but Turner’s riffs are far more intricate, far less redundant then Kravatz. His solos are electric blues at their tube screaming best. He hits the bottom of the scales, and then flies to the top with apparent ease. His rhythm guitar is as varied and unpredictable as his lead solos.

Turner’s vocals are also superb; his enunciation is as unique as his guitar solos. He blends them both with confident authority. This is wonderful, because Turner has a lot to say. His lyrics are opinionated, concise and reflect his views of life, our society, and our priorities. Track four is steeped in surrealistic visions, enhanced by Turner’s slide guitar. Every track tells a different tale which link together to give the listener fifty four minutes of something to listen to and enjoy, and much to think about.

“The Turner Diaries” are supported by four musicians:

Mark Clarke—Drums, Percussion
Daniel Barnett—Drums on Tracks 8, 9
Kenny Passarelli—Bass, B3, Wurlitzer and Rhodes
James Trujillo—Bass on Track 8

With backing vocals by:
Anna Givens
Astra Kelly
David Givens and
Kenny Passarelli

Great tunes, great lyrics, performed by a talented young man with a cast of artists that make “The Turner Diaries” a fine collection of contemporary electric blues. An added bonus: the case is one of the newer, paper covers that don't break when dropped on a hard surface.

From SouthBound Beat magazine



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