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Eddie Turner / Miracles & Demons

Running time: 54:24
Medium: CD Media: CD
Label: Northern Blues, 2007 Label: Northern Blues, 2007
Stil: Blues Rock Style: Blues Rock

Review by 7/14/2010

Joachim 'Joe' Brookes

Note: This review has been transalted by Google

The 'conjures Devilboy' miracles and demons. Long as he let his fans wait for this album. Just four years passed. What concerns in our area tours, he was never away from the window and a few songs on "Miracles & Demons" have their Bühenbewährung already behind him.


Eddie Turner Blues brings the earth turns in neatly and in parts of losing the grip. What was going on in the Stepbridge Studios, Santa Fe, is huge good. Now living in Colorado singer and guitarist has long developed its own style and because he constantly honing with success.


. Befitting of the tour keyboardist Andy Nevala is not one of the party.. Kenny Passarelli not only the black and white keys, but tugs alongside Jimmy Trujillo, the thick strings. In the line-up of the two-part title track could probably not decide really, because there are both active musicians on bass.


If the protagonist personally this plate with Cream and Fleetwood Mac (Blues from the old times) connection brings in, he might like to do that. Yet he has now developed its own psychedelic, the Turner not only live, but also installs again and again to the now third album. As he would point the finger on it, has just abbekommen "Blues Falls Down Like Rain" a hell of a good portion of it.


Brings you all the varieties of 12-bar on "Miracles & Demons" on the item, then I call it a panoramic Blues. Turner refers Genres faster his compositions in as a mannequin in the wardrobe change is clothes. Passarelli also plays piano and "In The Morning" there are phases that have rented the Jazz. As the band takes us in a smoky lounge, which is certainly not in Bavaria.


Mark Clark, the drummer drumming excellent. From time to Clarke are the hand drums of Marc particularly in the foreground. For example, in "Mr Blues" this is the case, and if the man from the heart of America sings about "my darkness has no boundries," then you know not only the fan, where bells hang. What has ability to change a Chicago blues à la Turner, he revealed to us in this very track.


In the second part of the title track covert Turner himself is the first part a matter of will be revealed in how effectively can be a few guitar notes, track is developing rapidly into one of the last psychedelic show. The guitar wizard casts his own shadow and into the neighborhood, other blues come first.


From the great grooving opener "Booty Bumpin '", the ballad "I'm A Good Man" over the powerful funky "Monkey See, Monkey Do" to the sphärigen "Miss Carrie" here it all fits together. Who is laughing at the beginning of "Monkey ..." so hoarse? If his face reflected on the cover image in the body of a Dorbo, then that is not showmanship. The use of these begins with the acoustic guitar and is also included. The bottleneck is always within reach and need not to complain about assignments.


At some places you can live in the studio rehearsed impression of a plate not help themselves. Turner is no ordinary blues, one of the hottest acts determined in the genre and with his smart, he's hypnotized the listener. His voice is another trademark.


With this CD, the likeable man from America has quite a lot of time left, but the result is really not a diet-blues has become. In this respect, in the end remains a very big recommendation for his "Miracles & Demons" position.



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