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The Turner Diaries

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CD: The Turner Diaries
Label: Northern Blues

Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Brenda Barbee - RMR Staff Reviewer

When Eddie Turner fires up his guitar, incredible things happen. In his new CD, “The Turner Diaries”, you get to partake in these incredible things. The kind of bluesy rock that he creates will leave you spellbound. Coming up with enough superlatives to describe this master musician’s brilliant guitar playing is both a daunting and frustrating task. He will amaze you.
Turner is often compared to Hendrix. Like Hendrix, Turner can produce myriad sounds from his guitar that beg the question, “How does he do that?” Butt Turner’s definitely his own man. While the Hendrix influence is unmistakable, Turner cranks out a sound that is uniquely personal, uniquely his.
Given his guitar genius, it is easy to overlook his singing and songwriting – but don’t. Amid the musical wizardry there are achingly revealing lyrics that tell tales and experiences that define the human condition. And isn’t that what blues is all about? Thoughtfully and poetically presented, with just the right amount of synchronized accomplishment, the lucky listener gets the best of both worlds of blues and rock.

Brenda Barbee - RMR Staff Reviewer




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