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The Turner Diaries
Further distancing himself from the shadow of ex-boss, Otis Taylor, Eddie Turner's sophomore album continues down the same road as last year's Rise. This disc still focuses on shades of rock and blues. Anyone slagging Turner for his obvious Hendrix fixation on Rise will have the same problem here as Jimi references abound, lyrically and musically. Yet fans of this upstart's ballsy approach must applaud him for the calibre of his clone-manship. Leading with his best foot forward, Dangerous sets the pace for the record – a highly muscular, no filler, full-blaze attack that grabs attention. A Taylor-like use of repetition creeps into the set of mostly original music, yet Turner pulls it off with songs like Shake4Me and The Turner Diaries. Likewise, I'm A Man, I'm A Man takes a minimalist approach but the improved quality of Turner's singing voice helps him turn in a convincing argument. Experiments with various instruments and back-up singers are sometimes successful, sometimes not. Yet this next stage in Turner's musical Diary is a progressive one, depicting an artist who has much more to say, even as his style evolves in the saying.
– By Eric Thom s Revue

Autumn 2006 edition of Penguin Eggs Magazine.


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