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The Turner Diaries

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“The Turner Diaries”
(Northernblues Music)

The spectre of Jimi Hendrix lives inside the body of Eddie Turner. He’s the scorching cannonball guitarist that helped Otis Taylor find his sound in the late ‘90s, bouncing existential leads off of Taylor’s rolling banjo harmonies. “The Turner Diaries” is his sophomore release on the Northernblues label, and features screaming leads and frequent fretboard fireworks. The bone-crunching rhythms will pound your subwoofers into submission, characteristic of the production of Kenny Pasarelli. “Cost of Freedom” stands out prominently, reminding one of Rush’s masterpieces in structure, highlighting his fusion of masterful technique and down home soul. Eddie Turner has so much talent that it’s a just a matter of time before he gains legendary status. (Brett Lemke)

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