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The Turner Diaries

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The Turner Diaries Reveal Soul Of Eddie Turner

Guitar Maven Puts Out Satisfying Blues Brew

Press Release by: Gary Tate

If you're seeking a guitar player that can channel the spirit of Jimi Hendrix then look no further than Eddie Turner. That authoritative sense flows from 4 decades spent honing his craft. On "The Turner Diaries", the leading man summons notes and phrases like a modern prophet, who's done it all, seen it all, and isn't the least shy about revealing the mysteries he's uncovered along the way.

There's intensity to spare, and throughout a bold assertive mood to sustain one's interest. Turner is not a major vocal presence, but he fills the slack with his spectacular guitar voice. Moreover, The Turner Diaries brims with edgy ideas, and there's simply not a bad track to be found on it.

Turner has a knack for churning out superior material. His pinpoint guitar fills have graced many Otis Taylor releases over the years, but Turner seems determined to cut his own unique path, one that's more contemporary and more electrified. "Save My Life" is my favorite track, and I suppose, for slotting purposes, you could define it as psychedelic Blues. But it also has a very distinctive gospel undertow, and there's even a far-eastern Indian influence.

"Confessions" and "Pomade" are instrumentals that reveal Turner's total mastery on the slide, while "New Day" would make Hendrix proud. "Jody" is another winner: a lot of soul went into this one.

"The Turner Diaries" keeps you guessing where it's heading next, and that's why every cut sounds fresh and exciting. Every song has a bite to it, and this release is still receiving a well-received regular workout on my CD player. I rate "The Turner Diaries" as modern electric Blues of the highest order.

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