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Artist: Eddie Turner
Title: The Turner Diaries
Label: Northern Blues Music NBM0036

Well, here it is! Eddies’ finely tuned, hand prepared second album. A ‘take no prisoners,’ blitzkrieg of thundering, vibrant guitar play that some will mistake for flashy sub Hendrix pyrotechnics bordering on heavy rock. Well! You / they are wrong for Eddie is the man that has finally found the plectrum that Jimi laid down all those years ago A blues album for the twenty first century without having to resort to desperate covers or thinly disguised re-workings. He has taken chunky resonating, entwining guitar play and accompanied it with a bursting bubbling rhythm section and created an infectiously foot stomping percussion which combined together has the capability, menace and atmosphere of a pack of desperate, dangerous ravenous hyenas preparing for the kill.
Whilst on other more mellow numbers he shows the magnificence of his deftly and delicately plucked strings as if playing on a heavenly harp for the golden curled angels.

Joining Eddie, who plays guitar and takes lead vocals; are Mark Clarke and Daniel Barnett; drums, percussion Kenny Passarelli; bass, B3 Wurlitzer & Rhodes and James Trujillo; bass.
One does not! ” boogie on down!” To this refreshing, all encompassing piece; you simply swagger stridently onward!
Blitzkrieg Blues for All! Great! FAB!
- Brian Harman




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