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Miracles & Demons-Eddie Turner 
Northern Blues      NBM         2010

Eddie Turner is a guitar symphony. He has a similar mind set to composition and lyrics as his sometime label mate Otis Taylor and his axe is a sublime blend of old blues, new jazz, Delta drone, Pink Floyd psychedelia and muilti-tracked world beat guitar stylings. Joined by Kenny Passarelli’s piano and bass, Jimmy Trujillo’s bass, Mark Clark’s drumming and Marc Clarke’s percussionism, this CD is all over the map from 40s swing to fundamental funk, indigo blues despair, psychedelic boogie and more. This wide range is unsurprising because Eddie knows how to hybridize, be it in his Afro-Cuban roots or his music. It results in some very interesting changes. Eddie was the replacement guitar for Tommy Bolin in the Zephyrs after Bolin left for Deep Purple and he backed Tracy Nelson, but his best work has been his own. Opening with a blues riff, “Booty Bumpin’” goes into the stratosphere screaming like Santana and shuffling madly. Electrified dobro drives “Say” like a scared rabbit while Eddie ponders what it is that she really wants. “Ride A Painted Pony” choogles like CCR and the title suite is eerie, strange and ferocious. “I Remember” is loneliness distilled 7 times and “Monkey See, Monkey Do” lopes down the highway with personality and dissonance. “Miss Carrie” has an ethereal light and Hendrix groove and the disk spools on a redux of the title. “Miracles & Demons.,” it is as Eddie does.        8.5 snaves 

Long Island Blues Society



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