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The Turner Diaries (NorthernBlues)

Up until last year, Denver blues guitarist Eddie Turner spent his career as a sideman, most recently backing Boulder's Otis Taylor. So to see Turner follow up his debut disc, Rise, with another new collection just a year later is remarkable.

For The Turner Diaries, the Cuban-born former Chicago resident once again is working with producer Kenny Passarelli, another former Taylor collaborator. Turner's guitar is front and center throughout the 11 originals (plus a cover of Sonny Thompson's "I'm Tore Down"). His adventurous playing incorporates elements of jazz, blues and rock.

If all the tracks sounded like "Dangerous" and "Cost of Freedom," both hard-thumping slices of Hendrix-style blues, Turner could be accused of being an imitator. But they represent just one element of a diverse album. Passerilli's keyboards dominate "So Many Roads," a song that highlights Turner's soulful vocals; while "I'm a Man, I'm a Man" rides along on an acoustic slide guitar riff, Turner's electric guitar fills providing the color

The title track features Afro-Cuban rhythms and Turner singing about salvation and redemption. Turner need look no further than the music he's creating. The Turner Diaries proves Eddie Turner has a few more secrets worth sharing.

— MICHAEL COTE/Boulder Daily Camera Staff Writer




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