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On November 19, 2010, one of my favorite performers Eddie Turner appeared at Biscuits & Blues.  If memory serves me well, his last show at this venue was August 2007.  This time around he was celebrating the release of a new CD, “Miracles & Demons” which has garnered universal critical acclaim and I think is his best effort thus far.  He has blossomed with his own band since he left the Otis Taylor Band in 2005.  He has pursued a creative path expanding his songwriting to craft haunting lyrics that propel his masterful range on guitar. 

Turner incorporated nearly everything this evening--melody, harmony, and a rhythm that grabs you by the hips to achieve a hypnotic landscape of amalgamated sounds.  Supported by bassist Jimmy Trujillo and drummer Recard Rivera, the trio combined the elements of blues within a groove-inducing rockish sphere. 

Opening up with an experimental slow touch to “Rock Me Baby,” Turner’s vocals ranged from raspy to softly plaintive setting the stage for a phenomenal exhibit of spacey and pungent guitar tones.  On “Ask Myself Why” Turners vocals artfully modulated a dark atmosphere to the lyrically insightful lyrics with an expressive guitar solo.  “So Many Roads” amply displayed Turner’s pliable vocals on this excursion with a tight pattern of intense, repeating chording on guitar.  The showpiece was “Blues Fall Down Like Rain” with Turner building tension on rap styled lyrics and then exploding into a torrent of funky and bouncy melody on guitar. 

Turner’s long solos unleashed boisterous guitar workouts filled with interpretive prowess that kept the sparse audience mesmerized this evening.  It was truly something musically different that was contemporary, speaking to those open-minded enough to listen, yet sticking to the blues foundation.

Yep, folks, I am a huge Eddie Turner fan and if you get a chance to see this amazing performer, you’ll thank me for the tip!


(C) 2010, Dorothy L. Hill





eddie turner at biscuits & blues


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