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The Turner Diaries

Northern Blues M0036

Get ready for a fabulous guitar CD from Eddie Turner. "The Turner Diaries" is killer. "A monster guitar player -------- reminds me of my good friend Jimi." That's from Stephen Stills. Dave Rubin from Guitar Player Magazine says, "Powerhouse Eddie Turner is THE breakout blues guitarist of 2006 that you must hear." I agree with both of these guys. This is just a wonderful CD. I mean this will make your summer better.

Eddie was born in Cuba, but raised in Chicago. He has blues roots, and Afro-Cuban rhythms, and guitar skills out of this world. He played with Tracy nelson and Mother Earth in 1974. I still remember, "You got to get back to mother earth." Anyway, this CD is worth twice the asking price. In 1995 Eddie joined the Otis Taylor Band, and in 2005 he released his first CD, "Rise", to some pretty widespread acclaim, resulting in a Blues Music Award nomination for Best New Artist Debut.

Eddie himself says this CD reminds him of Muddy Waters "Electric Mud" album and some of that good Cream and Fleetwood Mac blues of the 60's. That's all it takes for me. It is a strong CD from start to finish. My favorite cuts are "Dangerous" and I'm Tore Down." "Dangerous" is blazing Jimi Hendrix, and "I'm Tore Down" is mellow and should last 12 minutes or so instead of only 4:00. But he didn't ask me.

Band members include Mark Clarke on drums and percussion with Daniel Barnett on several tracks as well. Kenny Passarelli and James Trujillo on bass and Kenny on B3. Some fine B3 too folks. David Givens helps out on guitar on one track and vocals by Anna Givens, Astra Kelly, Givens and Passarelli.

It should be out by June 26th or something, but if you just can't stand yourself then go to another contact is www.northernblues.com. Crows Feet Productions in Memphis is handling the publicity. Hunt this one down. You don't want the "Summertime Blues", then again maybe you do.

Thanks and enjoy. Your friend, blue barry.

(©) 2006, Barry Faust




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