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No BB, but some devilish blues from Eddie Turner

Well, it's almost time for what would've been my night with BB King, but instead I'm sitting on my sunporch listening to the rain pound down. And don't ask why I don't want to stand in the rain and listen -- everyone knows that all that BlueNotes sugar would melt in a minute.

I'm also listening to an unusual new CD by an unusual singer-songwriter-guitarist named Eddie Turner, who seems to be half bluesman and half psychedelic throwback. Just to give you a sample of the atmosphere, Turner's nickname is "devilboy," and the album is titled "Miracles and Demons" (NorthernBlues). Turner isn't brand new, but he's still one of the younger players around, after a musical time-out to work as a realtor in the 1980s.

He came back to work in Otis Taylor's in '95, and in 2005 or so, struck out on his own. His reward in was the 2006 Blues Music Award nomination for Best New Artist Debut. 

He's released a few albums, and all seem to feature his trademark blues-flavored but otherworldy licks, just like this one. He can sound like Hendrix one minute, and in the next the devil's bluesman, and in the next -- something altogether different. The songwriting is creative and unique, the guitar stings and then flows -- "In the Morning" could have been cut in a smoky jazz club. "Mr. Blues" is devilish guitar with a haunting lyric.

Once again, this ain't your daddy's blues player -- unless your daddy was a reefer man with an electric guitar.

From Pittsburgh Post-Gazette



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