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Eddie Turner "The Turner Diaries" (Northern Blues)

*** Without a doubt Jimi Hendrix is one of the most influential Rock guitar "gods" of the modern era. Space doesn't permit me to list all his obvious followers but Eddie Turner might have been the Jimi's favorite disciples as this young guitarist has followed Jimi's teachings on "The Turner Diaries" unlike any I've heard. I could end the review here with the line "If you dig Jimi Hendrix you'll dig..." but I shan't. That heavy, lumbering axework begins with "Dangerous" which to my ears combines the Blues standard "Rock Me Baby" with "Bold As Love"-era Hendrix. Turner's got that disparate vocal phrasing down too- weaving from singing to speaking in a single line in a verse. Not to mention impenetrable lyrics like "I can stop the rain with a wave of my hand/You believe that girl then you just don't understand/'Cuz I'm dangerous as a Coup De' Ville". In one chorus he says "ain't no rolling stone" and in the next he's "dangerous like a rolling stone". This paradox makes sense to those who want it too. "Cost Of Freedom" is pure Jimi too. Now granted some listeners may find this dreadfully pretentious but they'd be taking it too serious. It's entertainment- a certain mood- a certain wavelength and methinks many will connect with this record. Turner's melodies are still often accessible. Even when you listen to Hendrix and strip away all the fireworks you can usually sing along. "I'm A Man I'm A Man" features a straight Delta Blues riff atop Hip Hop-like percussion ala R.L. Burnside's comeback recordings for Fat Possum. The album does run out of steam midway through with some meandering instrumentals and random tracks including the tacked on "I'm Tore Down" (with vocals by Anna Givens). Blues purists will call "The Turner Diaries" "Rock" but let's not forget "the Blues had a baby and they called it "Rock N' Roll".

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