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Ten Not-Necessarily-Best CDs

For People Who Can’t Count

By Don Wilcock

I hate preparing end of the year ten-best lists. They force the journalist inside a box that looks back when I’m almost all the time wanting to see what’s around the next bend. So you will notice this list contains more than ten picks, and it doesn’t include the usual cast of characters like Charlie Musselwhite, Buddy Guy, The Holmes Brothers, Otis Taylor, Janiva Magness, and other perennials who all put out great albums this year. Rather this exercise was a chance for me to sit down in a relatively quiet time between Christmas and New Year’s and listen to some stuff that plainly gets me off.



Eddie Turner Miracles and Demons (NorthernBlues)

Both guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Turner and pianist/bass player and co-producer Kenny Passarelli played significant roles in the first Otis Taylor solo albums. While Taylor has gone in a more primal direction, these guys push the spacey envelope in the same way Roxy Music did three decades ago with British rock. Before you say it isn’t blues, just remember the definition of the genre is constantly expanding.

Don Wilcock is editor in chief of BluesWax. He’s out of the office right now, but he might just answer your comment below.

From Blues Revue


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