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Blues Beat
Summer 2005

“From Otis Taylor’s band, comes singer/songwriter/guitarist Eddie Turner. Turner was born in Cuba and raised in Chicago. In the early ‘70s, he moved to the Rockies. A claim to fame arose when he landed the lead guitar spot in Zephyr. When things didn’t work out, he found himself working as a realtor. In ’95 he hooked up with Taylor.

Turner’s debut album’s title track explodes with passion, intensity and fire. Suddenly, you are transfixed into another place and time. With acoustic guitars and loop programming, the all-instrumental “The River” is old and new. Hendrix influences resound in Turner’s new world guitar. However, Turner’s robust voice proves to be his greatest asset. On “Gangster of Love”, heavy funk meets R&B and asks psychedelic rock to join the dance. “Play it Cool” is as close to the blues as things get. Here, Turner pitches his guitar notes and sends them twisting, burning, and curving.

Turner’s forward-thinking music is blues-based, but it is ultra-modern and contains psychedelic rock. Among 12 songs, three alluring instrumentals will intoxicate the straightest of the sober. Whether you were looking for a mind-altering experience or not, that is the state you will find yourself when these 43-minutes conclude. Without trying to attact a new audience, Turner will, undoubtedly, do just that. This is a stunning album, and the dawn of a new musical force and presence.”




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