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Eddie Turner "Miracles & Demons"


Every now and then I receive an Album in the mail, that once I play it, I can only shake my head with astonishment on how simply wonderful it is and that was certainly the case after listening to Eddie Turner's newest Album, "Miracles & Demons". I of course, have been a big fan of Eddie's since listening to his first Album, "Rise", and now with his third release, he just simply is unable to dissapoint.

With the release of "Miracles & Demons", Eddie Turner has yet again managed to elevate his music to even greater heights and in doing so he offers us all another opportunity to thoroughly enjoy the music of this extraordinary artist.

The accolades for Eddie's music have been coming in hot and heavy for quite a while now and more than often the words, Jimi Hendrix and Guitar God are used. Believe me when I say that Eddie Turner is more than worthy of all the accolades he receives and with "Miracles & Demons", many many more are on the way.

"Miracles & Demons" is Eddie's best work to date, but knowing the unbelievable talent, that is Eddie Turner, and the drive he has, their is no doubt in my mind that he will continue to improve, as unbelievable as that may sound. This is truly Eddie Turner at his very best and fans of his music are simply going to love this Album. For those of you whom are not yet fans, give this little piece of magic a listen, and you soon will be.

I very enthusiastically give "Miracles & Demons" my highest 5***** Rating, which even I believe is not high enough for such a remarkable Album.

John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)

Other Info and Reviews

Eddie Turner is a guitar god. He's been profiled in Blues Revue, Guitar Edge, and has been reviewed in almost every guitar magazine. His CDs are NOT straight-ahead blues, but they meld rock, jazz, and latin music into the mix. Many reviewers compare him to Jimi Hendrix in his usage of psychedelic imagery.

Eddie Turner is one of the best blues guitarists alive, and his third CD for NorthernBlues demonstrates not only his prowess with the instrument,
but his terrific song-writing as well.

Born in Cuba and raised in Chicago,Eddie Turner’s influences stem from both the Afro-Cuban rhythms of his heritage and his immersion in the
music of the time - Blues, Rock and R&B. In 1974 he played with Grammy-nominated Tracy Nelson and Mother Earth. Eddie soon joined Zephyr and wrote the last highly acclaimed Zephyr album Heartbeat with founders Candy and David Givens. Eddie was also a member of the Legendary 4-nikators.

In 1995, Eddie joined Otis Taylor and Kenny Passarelli to form the Otis Taylor Band and helped create the Otis Taylor sound. Eddie continually
received rave reviews for his psychedelic guitar-playing. In 2005, Eddie released his first CD, Rise, to almost universal acclaim and leading
to a Blues Music Award nomination for Best New Artist Debut. Now, Eddie is back to prove that he a guitar god for the 21st century.

“A monster guitar player—reminds me of my good friend, Jimi!"
-Stephen Stills

Guitar Edge magazine in 2008 named Eddie Turner one of the top eight blues guitarists.
• Eddie Turner was nominated in 2006 for a Blues Music Award for Best New Artist Debut.

• Eddie has been profiled in Blues Revue magazine.

• Produced by Kenny Passarelli who was responsible for the highly acclaimed Otis Taylor CDs “White African” and “Respect the Dead”. Passarelli is a well-known bass player as well.

“Powerhouse Eddie Turner is THE breakout blues guitarist of 2006 that you must hear.”

-Dave Rubin, Guitar Player Magazine

“The former Otis Taylor sideman takes the voodoo blues of Jimi Hendrix and uses his background and artistry to make them palpably real. The Turner Diaries move easily from classic shuffles to chilling forays at the outer edges of the

-Guitar Edge Magazine on 10 guitarists who are carrying on the blues tradition

“The Northern Blues label is known for bringing cutting-edge artists to the fore, who may not adhere to playing straightahead blues. If you are looking for 'three chords and a cloud of dust,' then Eddie Turner may not be your cup of tea. But, if you want something with a little 'edge' from a killer guitarist and performer, take a chance on one of the bright young stars in the blues constellation."

-Music City Blues Newsletter

“He is, after all, one of the better players to tap into the ghost of Hendrix.”

-Mike Koster, Thirsty Ear, January 2001

“Eddie Turner sends shafts of electric guitar notes, often bent and jarring, into some dense, mesmerizing passages.”

-No Depression, July/August 2002

“Eddie Turner...plays guitar as if he were Jimi Hendrix trying to transpose Mile Davis trumpet.”

-Don Wilcock, Record, NY, July 2001

“There are other elements that add to the swooping sounds, such as Eddie Turner's slide guitar that moans and wails, playing with time much like Ry Cooder. It's an ethereal sound, almost cryptic at times...”

-Bill Ribas, NYRock.Com, April 2002

“If anybody ever went down to the Crossroads and let the Devil tune his guitar it was probably Eddie Turner. Man, you get chills every time the guy strikes a note! And the expressions he makes while he’s talking out each lick leaves on convinced he’s channeling other-worldly ancestral demi-gods.”

-Jeff Jaisun, BluesToDo.com, May 2003





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