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Four years have elapsed since Eddie released the extremely fascinating and intriguing ‘Turner Diaries’ and I have to say that the wait certainly has been worth it; for although ‘Miracles & Demons’ treads virtually the same path, it consolidates Eddies’ power, dynamism and delicacy of performing. His vocals still retain the soft husky whispering edginess that will always be compared to Hendrix, but, I can assure you that it is the genuine article and there is no imitation or impersonation here.

Eddie continues to expand and explore his superbly atmospheric sound that manages to conjure up a thickly cloying soup like aural mixture of hard rock guitar images of stabbing, chopping and slashing runs; which in turn, are finely balanced and entwined with a sweaty and claustrophobic softly creeping urban guitar with vibrant and sometimes jarring guitar flurries.

The counterpoint to this are a few dreamy, almost surreally gently floating Jazz tinged Blues numbers as found in; “In the Morning,” “Mr. Blues” and “Miss Carrie.”

Eddies’ ability to confidently switch guitar styles with such ease is a mark of a musician who knows what he wants and has not only the skill but the willingness and daring to push out at whatever barriers he considers stifling.

Eleven of the thirteen numbers are Eddie originals the other two are Eddie Turner/ Kenny Passarelli compositions; not only does Kenny provide keyboards and bass he occupies the producers and arrangers chair which makes him and Eddie a formidable pairing who between them create such delightful layers and textures of sound.

The rest of this fascinating line-up are Mark Clark; drums, Marc Clarke; percussion, and Jimmy Trujillo; bass.

An excellent album, Recommended!

Brian Harman




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