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Eddie Turner-The Turner Diaries June 2006 Northern Blues Music, Inc.

Last year I had the honor of reviewing Turner’s debut CD "Rise". Then, I noted that he was a great guitarist with strong musical resemblances to Jimi Hendrix. The way he bends his notes and creates haunting sounds with slide makes one think that he may truly be channeling the great guitar spirits of the past. His play, while sometimes having an ethereal quality is structurally very strong and emotional. When Turner plays it’s almost as if he lets his mind travel to other places and, while there, he taps into a whole new level of expressionistic playing.

Born in Cuba and raised in Chicago Turner picked up his first guitar at the age of 12. He immediately began blending styles between Rock and local Blues with his island childhood and household favorites. Utilizing Afro-Cuban Rhythms he melds them with Rock and R & B flavors and adds a memory or two of psychedelic Rock. The notes are thick and powerful throughout the album.

The music on this album will take you to different places. Just close your eyes and travel from one world to another. Take the rural Blues to urban electric all on one album. Eddie Turner is the real deal and this CD is a nice one to have in the collection. www.northernblues.com


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