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Miracles & Demons, Eddie Turner

On Miracles & Demons blues guitar whiz Eddie Turner provides us with yet another amazing blues guitar recording! The track listing on the album cover divides the 13 songs into Side One and Side Two. Thankfully, we don't have to flip the CD over to listen to Side Two. While this album is not all straight up blues, like some of his previous albums, the music rocks just as good. Among the highlights: "Say" is a funky number with cool lyrics. "Because of You" lays the blame out. "Ride a Painted Pony" borrows bits of lyrics form a variety of songs from the late1960s but is musically original and just vaguely familiar enough to sound like something we heard as kids on the radio, but it isn't. "Blues Fall Down Like Rain" presents a steady driving beat with Eddie's crying guitar and soulful vocals. "Monkey See, Monkey Do" adds a little humor to the album. Produced by Kenny Passarelli, and filled with his lush keyboard work, the production quality is outstanding. Just as good as any major label release. We don't know if Eddie Turner did sell his soul to the devil when he was a boy, as the story goes, but he sure plays the hell out of that electric guitar.
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From: RockOnColorado.com



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