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"Eddie Turner"

You want cool, or you want smooth?  As smooth as whisky then "Miracles & Demons" is a must for your collection. Eddie Turner lays it all bare on his latest offering. When Eddie lays down the licks, man you pay attention as he has something to say with his guitar. Contemporary Blues in your face delivering a uncompromising  sound that is hard to ignore. Great band and standout songs with a production that screams to be listened to. Eddie has  bit of the Jimmie Hendrix style of delivery but doesn't copy but in fact makes it his own. Fred Litwin at Nothern Blues Music has a winner here and now all you need to do is get a copy........................

As always thank-you Betsie for your wonderful support. Now enjoy your wonderful summer weather.......

regards peter
PBS 106.7 Melbourne, Australia



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